Mission – Vision


         The main mission of our center is to bring the masses together with higher education in order to realize the idea of “Wherever you want and whenever you want!”. In this context, our center aims to carry out the following activities:

  • To plan, develop and carry out all education programs based on information and communication technologies, including associate degree, undergraduate, graduate, certificate, continuing education and community service, within the scope of distance education, in coordination with the relevant units of the Institute,
  • To conduct and publish research on distance education,
  • To develop, increase and improve the effectiveness of distance education activities enriched with innovative technologies based on research results,
  • To ensure that distance education-teaching activities are carried out effectively and efficiently through multimedia and interactive environments with up-to-date technologies,
  • Helping to update professional knowledge by organizing post-graduate education programs through distance education,
  • To cooperate at national and international level to help meet the distance education needs and demands of public and private institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations, to produce solutions, to contribute to the development of distance education systems by adapting education programs to e-learning environments,
  • To ensure that higher education reaches and disseminates to new learner communities regardless of time and place.


       Our vision is to make use of current and innovative education technologies effectively and efficiently by producing researches and projects in the field of Distance Education, and to carry out open and distance learning practices in accordance with international standards.