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In view of the extraordinary circumstances labeled “pandemic” by the World Health Organization, all undergraduate and graduate theoretical courses at IZTECH will be conducted through synchronous, asynchronous, and blended distance learning starting April 6th, 2020.

Theoretical components of applied courses will also be carried out through distance learning. A condensed schedule of the application components of these courses wil be implemented at the appropriate time.

Synchronous Distance Learning

Synchronous learning is online education where instructors and participants come together in a virtual environment, interact with each other, and share experiences in real-time.

Asynchronous Distance Learning

Asynchronous learning is a form of education where students and instructors may be in different geographical locations, and interaction and transfer of course materials are realized through technology. Students can access lessons at different times according to their own schedules.

Blended Distance Learning

Blended learning is a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous education. Some activities are carried out in real-time, and others are done virtually at distinct times. Instructors may use this method if they wish.

Course Documentation

Instructors of asynchronous courses must document class material. In courses performed with “Microsoft Teams,” please do not delete posts related to the course (video recordings, posts on the general tab, shared files, etc.). In addition, instructors are expected to ask questions to students and receive their answers, and to answer students’ questions about courses.

Microsoft Teams Education

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