Cloud-LMS: Frequently Asked Questions for Students

I am an IZTECH student, where can I find my Cloud-LMS username and password?
Answer: To login to Cloud-LMS, advisor approval and being an active student are required. Your username and password are the same as your information in the IZTECH OBS (Student Information System).

Why do I get an error when I try to login to Cloud-LMS before the new term starts?
Answer: Information is transferred to Cloud-LMS from ÖBS on the weekend before the new semester starts. Therefore, it is normal that you cannot log in to the system before the new semester starts. If you have received your advisor’s approval on time, you will be able to log in from the day the classes start.

I’m in prep class. I cannot login to Cloud-LMS. What should I do?
Answer: You don’t need to do anything. Prep classes do not use Cloud-LMS.

I got advisor approval. When will I be able to login to Cloud-LMS?
Answer: Consultant approval is required to log into Cloud-LMS. You will be able to log in to the system within 2 days after the consultant’s approval.

I forgot my Cloud-LMS password. What should I do?
Answer: Cloud-LMS username and password are automatically withdrawn from ÖBS. Therefore, you need to take action regarding your ÖBS password. Regarding this, Student Affairs ( can be contacted.

My classes does not appear in Cloud-LMS. What should I do?
Answer: Please recheck carefully. If your course is not visible, please send an e-mail to explaining your situation, including the course code.

My appointment is not visible. How can I make an appointment?
Answer: To open the appointment system, the instructor who teaches the course must make an appointment schedule. You can contact the teacher.

How can I learn the term information of a course in Cloud-LMS?
Answer: After clicking on the course content, you can see “Control Panel > Courses > 2021-2022 Fall > …” from the blue category bar under the course name.

I get the error “This account was imported from another server and the password has been lost”. What should I do?
Answer: Try logging in with your username (student number).

When logging into ÖBS, I get a warning that the user account is locked. What should I do?
Answer: Student affairs related to the subject ( can be contacted.

Is it normal for the courses I have taken in previous semesters to appear in Cloud-LMS?
Answer: Yes. Old lessons are archived in Cloud-LMS.

I am a private student. How can I login to Cloud-LMS?
Answer: By describing your situation, send an e-mail to the A username and password will be sent to you. After logging in to Cloud-LMS, contact the instructors who teach the courses you have taken and request them to add you to their courses.

Where can I reach you for other questions or problems?

·         For questions and problems regarding MS Teams and Cloud-LMS

·         For questions and problems regarding your Office 365 account


·         For your questions and problems regarding IZTECH e-mail account