MS Teams: Frequently Asked Questions for Students

What is Microsoft Teams?
Answer: Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 program that combines video conferencing and video telephony, workplace chat, meetings, notes, and add-ons. It is used in the conduct of distance education activities in our university.

On which devices can I use Teams?
Answer: You can use Microsoft Teams on your Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad and iPod, Windows and Mac devices.

Which email should I log into my Teams account with?
Answer: You must enter Microsoft Teams with your ogr365 e-mail address.

You can update your password by learning your Office365(ogr365) account by logging in with your e-mail address and password at the link below.

I forgot my Office 365 account address/password. What should I do?
Answer: You can access your IZTECH Office 365 account by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click the link below and click the login button.

Step 2: Enter your IZTECH e-mail username and IYTE e-mail password to log in to the system. (Your account information will come with the password reset screen.)

Step 3: You can get help from the screenshots by clicking the link below.

step 4: You need to click on the link here ( and register with the system with your IYTE Office 365 account information.

Step 5: When activating the Microsoft account, it may ask you for a password change or phone verification.
If you know your IZTECH Office 365 account information,
You can sign up with your IYTE office365 account information from the internet address below, view the MS Office products on the right, and download and use them on your PC.

Where can I find the Teams codes for my courses?

Answer: You can get Microsoft Teams team codes from the web page of the course or from the secretariat.

How can I access the course records?
Answer: You can access the records from the chat section of the course or the file/archive where the lecturer/assistant of the relevant course keeps the records.

I joined the wrong group on Teams. What should I do to quit?
Answer: You can leave the team by contacting the team manager.

I can’t turn on my camera and microphone in Teams. What should I do?
Answer: To use your camera and microphone when connected to Microsoft Teams, you need to allow access to the application/browser.

I can’t get into Teams. What should I do?
Answer: You can get support from for the errors you encounter while entering Microsoft Teams and cannot be resolved .

I graduated from IZTECH and I will continue as a master’s student at IZTECH. Should I continue to login to Teams with my ogr365 account?

Answer: Accounts with pers365 extension are defined for our graduate or doctoral students at our university. When logging into Teams, you need to log in with your pers365 account instead of your ogr365 account. To delete your ogr365 can contact with

To activate your pers365 account need to log in with your e-mail and password. On the page that appears, you will see your pers365 account defined for you. You can start using it by changing the password of your account.

Where can I reach you for other questions or problems?