Learning Management System (Cloud-LMS) Document

Learning Management System (Cloud-LMS) was developed to help instructors share their course content and course materials with students. Students and instructors can log in at http://cloud-lms.iyte.edu.tr with their UBYS username and password.

Instructors can upload presentations (.ppt, .pptx .key etc.), documents (.pdf, .doc, .xls, etc.), audio files (.mp3, .wav, etc.), video files (.mpg, .avi, .mkv, .flv, youtube, metacafe, etc.), and animated application (java applets, .swf animations, etc.) to Cloud-LMS as course materials, link to another page, edit a page and share them with their students.

In this system, instructors can give their students exam, assign and collect homework, create wikis, conduct surveys, organize online chats, open discussion forums, and create a Microsoft Teams link to the course. For these activities, They can give course grades to students with the automatically generated grade entry. Grade weights can be entered with the Gradebook module, and desired statistics (Average, Standard Deviation, etc.) can be retrieved from the system.


Click Here User Manual for Cloud-LMS.