Distance Learning and the Personal Data Protection Law

Dear Students, 

This text provides information about Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698.

In line with the decisions of YÖK, we plan to continue education activities both online and offline. All offline and live audio and video recordings constitute “personal data” belonging to instructors under the Personal Data Protection Law. These materials are prepared for the sole purpose of lecturing in Izmir Institute of Technology platforms.

You should not share materials, images, and/or audio recordings from distance learning courses with third parties, use them on the web, or publish them through any social network without written approval of our institution, even after your education with our institution has ended.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, students may not record offline or live lessons with any device (mobile phone, camera, voice recorder, etc.) or publish them on any platform.

Unauthorized sharing of course materials signifies a violation of the instructor’s personal data. In such a case, the person(s) who performs the unauthorized sharing assumes all responsibility.

We kindly ask you to show the sensitivity this issue requires. We wish you a healthy and productive semester.